Mission Statement

Irene Smith, CEO - Neil Daley, VP Marketing

Irene Smith, CEO – Neil Daley, VP Marketing

Mar-Tek’s Mission is to serve the equipment and industrial community, creatively and consistently providing quality graphic and precision products which best support our customers’ requirements; created by an empowered workforce serving to benefit global and local communities and our environment.

Company and Products Strategy 

Mar-Tek operates with a Strategic Supplier Strategy with all its customers, participating in product development, including artmaster and design creation as well as prototyping for lowest cost production, best quality and consistent fast service.

With our focus on service to our customers, we always strive to bring the best level of product and service.

As an example, we provide automatic ship notification and carrier parcel tracking links to the buyer on every shipment we make. This improves order visibility and reduces the need for non-value added shipment inquiries and responses.