Mar-Tek Industries, Green Initiative


Mar-Tek recognizes that a sustainable future is dependent on our awareness and success in managing of our limited environmental resources. It is necessary that we develop a sound and continuously improving policy to guide the conduct our business. It is only through our effective stewardship of these resources that we can provide our best opportunity for continued prosperity.

Environmental Policy Statement

Mar-Tek Industries conducts its business with an understanding that our continued profitable existence depends on a successful relationship with the environment. We shall undertake continual improvements to reduce the use of non-renewable environmental resources. Along with a comprehensive program to recycle an expanding list of materials, we will seek to replace current products with environmentally friendly materials. It is the goal of each all of us at Mar-Tek to be proactive in protection of our natural resources for current and future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mar-Tek has long recognized its responsibilities to its stakeholders, including our associates, customers, suppliers, our community , on local as well as global levels.

Since inception in 1987, Mar-Tek has been guided by Company Polies which recognize these responsibilities and adapt to changing and growing social and environmental understanding.

As demonstrated during a recent 3rd party review in 2016:

MAR-TEK INDUSTRIES INC EcoVadis results have been published:

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Environmentally Friendly 

“In early 2012, as part of developing a comprehensive environmental policy, Mar-Tek recognized that an essential facet of this commitment to our environment would be to implement and incorporate sustainable practices by recycling plastic waste. Following up on an offer from Laird Plastics to assist in this endeavor, we began to retain and segregate plastic waste generated as a by-product of our custom manufacturing, including polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl, and other plastic films.