Custom Equipment Decals are often intended to present a Company logo or Brand name that is color-right, durable, cost effective and pleasing to the eye. One advantage of a vinyl based material for decals is the flexibility and surface conforming ability this film has to offer.

Custom Equipment Decals include thermal cut lettering as well and CAD knife cut graphics cutting for larger areas. Vinyl thermal cut letters are used as markings and text and are often seen used on safety equipment and signage to convey a very distinct and three dimensional message. Mar-Tek provides wide format digital printing and cutting, screen printing and steel rule die cutting, and laminating of your decal for extra durability.

Mar-Tek Manufactured Overlays

At Mar-Tek we use only high Quality PSA Vinyl’s from industry leading manufacturers such as Flexcon, 3M and Avery. Depending on the product being produced, including color match requirements, the size off the part in question and the detail being cut all are considerations in choosing the best approach to take in producing your equipment decal.

Industry Uses

Equipment decals are used extensively in the Petroleum Distribution Industry on Gas Dispensers. Every gas station in the world uses them and they are a very visible graphic to everyone. Their use is very valuable in not only can they convey the customer’s brand in a very pleasing way, but with the proper selection of protective over-laminate films these graphics can and do last for many years even when subject to extreme outdoor conditions, solvents and fuel vapors these decals are subject to.

Mar-Tek is very also fortunate to provide decals in the Aerospace industry, constructing Mission Specific Decals, Agency Logo’s and the American Flag in large format size for placement on rockets. The construction requirements, kitting, application and use of these decals is unique, and we will always welcome and appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your unique project.