Insulators and Gaskets

Mar-Tek has developed the unique capability to maintain precise and clean cut Gaskets and Insulators to meet the exacting specifications these applications require. Our custom cut gaskets, often using difficult to cut foam materials, are made to your exacting specifications by our professional die cutting specialists, and allow us to hold close tolerances to fit securely in your enclosure. With Insulators, our precision cutting capabilities allow us to evenly and cleanly cut even thick and flexible materials.

Mar-Tek developed its unique capability to provide precision die cut gaskets and insulators through decades of experience in the precision cutting and manufacturing of custom graphics. Knowledge gained in this exacting arena, working with engineered plastics, adhesives, foam products and other materials, served to provide our team with the know-how to effectively cut and work with a variety of insulating and protective materials.

Gasket materials such as Bisco 1000 Soft Cellular Foam, Neoprene, Silicone, Poron offer product designers the physical and engineering attributes needed for your product; we offer you the capability to steel rule die cut and selectively apply specialty adhesives to create a quality completed component for your use.

Insulators serve many purposes in the areas of protecting against heat or electronic discharges with can damage your equipment or negatively impact other products. Our production associates and technicians are well versed in handling and use of materials such as Nomex, Valox, Formex, Chromeric Conductive Elastomer, Polycarbonates, Mylar (polyester), Kapton and others.

Industry Uses

In the water treatment Equipment and Technology Industry, it is imperative that the equipment be well protected and sealed or damage could occur.

The Electronics and Telecommunications industries use insulating materials in many enclosures and cabinets. With the right material and adhesive and a precision cut, product insulation is maximized.