2016 Environmental Excellence Certificate presented to Mar-Tek Industries

In early 2016, as part of developing a comprehensive environmental policy, Mar-Tek recognized that an essential facet of this commitment to our environment would be to implement and incorporate sustainable practices by recycling plastic waste. Following up on an offer from Laird Plastics to assist in this endeavor, we began to retain and segregate plastic waste generated as a by-product of our custom manufacturing, including polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl, and other plastic films. In addition to coordinating the recycling of Mar-Tek’s waste plastics with that of other companies, Laird Plastics also supports us by picking up our recyclable material and reports back to us the pounds of our materials by type of plastic. This information is very valuable to us as we can track the success of our recycling efforts and continue to improve our recycling program.

We appreciate the support of Laird Plastics, and express our thanks for their participation in assisting Mar-Tek Industries make a positive impact on the environment.